The Bunco Show

Are you looking for a corporate or  larger party event that’s unique and comes in a flexible package?
Then this is for you!
*The theme of the event follows the story of Magic and Illusion and its close relationship with Gambling and Games of Chance.
* Live before your very eyes!
* Is it an illusion?   Did I just see that?
* Come and be cheated in the best possible taste!
From a focus point in the venue the event starts with an introduction to all the scams and demonstrations of street and casino gambling which will be staged at the Bunco Booths around the venue.
On entry guests will be given “Chips” so they can play the various games on offer.
All this will be in a party atmosphere with background music and the hubbub of people participating in the three shell game, the cups and balls, the endless chain and many more.
The booths will stop from time to time to allow cabaret spots from the stage such as a “Levitation” – “Fun in the shower” – “Who Would you saw in Half and how many chips would you pay?” – “How good are your Accountants and can they do this?” and other entertainments from the floor.
Contact  for full details.