Puzzles Illusions & Magic Form


1) Please note that we do not allow any snacks or drinks on the premises for this age group as we only have a small space.
A number of establishments locally cater for this kind of party and clients have tended to visit them pre or post The illusioneer Show, details available on request.

2) The number of guests is up to 20 seated.

3) For this age range at least one or two ADULTS should accompany the group.

4) Start Time – if your looking for a morning show then 11am is a good time as you will be out in time for Lunch – if an afternoon show is required the 2pm after Lunch or 4pm out in time for Tea – However the show can be staged any time you like seven days a week, providing were not booked.

5) Arrival – Doors will open 15 min prior to the Show start time for a pre show and look round the Foyer
while everyone arrives.

6) Show duration of one (1) hour for this age range can vary depending on how old the children are, also if children of under 3 years old are included please be aware that it is our experience that they may lack focus for this amount of time.

7) A magic wand trick will be given to each guest and a small selection of illusions will be given to the guests of honour together with a surprise from the stage.

8) Party Bags can be stored in the foyer and distributed on the way out if required.

9) Payment details will be sent with the Booking Confirmation.

10) If you would like to visit the Little Theatre the please ring or email a possible time and date when we can show you around.