Events Form


1) At the start of an event I could do walk about magic as an ice breaker, this would be close up magic with some fun street magic (cup and ball etc).2) If you are serving food at tables then this would offer the possibility of doing tables magic with puzzles etc. and usually take place between courses.

3) Either before or after the food I could do a 15 to 20min spot which would focus the guests before speeches or music.

4) It could be that all you are looking for is a much more casual approach which could be a mixture of all the above, but at this stage I’m not sure what you have in mind.

5) Maybe your looking for a Single Show or a Continuous Revolving Show?

6) Maybe your looking for a Children Show or an AdultsĀ  Show or Both?

7) Music can be a big problem if I can’t get far enough away from it or if its loud, people can’t hear what’s being said!

8) Payment details will be sent with the Booking Availabilty and QUOTE.